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About me

Itís not possible. Thatís a thing you wonít find in my vocabulary. You can make it, no matter what it is, as long as you really want to achieve it and of course you need to have a strong believe in yourself.

I know, what Iím talking about. When I was born the doctors just gave me a few weeks because I was a tiny preemie. Since then many weeks have passed by and Iím still here. You wonder why I made it. The reason is very simple. I wanted to live.

When I became older and my friends learned how to swim many people said: ďDonít waste your time, because of your handicap you wonít learn it anyway. I have to admit I drank a lot of chlorine but I made it. You wonder why I made it. The reason is very simple. I wanted to swim.

When I was about to turn 18, I wanted to get my driverís license, like everybody else at this age. And again, there where some who said: ďBetter learn driving automatics than manuals, itís easier because of your handicap you donít have to push the clutch.Ē But I wanted to learn how to drive manuals. I wanted to be able to drive any car. Why should I limit my possibilities concerning driving cars? I needed to take some more lessons than my friends. But in the end I made it. You wonder why I made it. The reason is very simple. I wanted to drive manual as well as automatic cars.

A short time before I achived my german High School diploma, I thought of what to do after finishing school. I decided to become an actor because I loved acting and being on stage.

Within one year I went to 30 different acting schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and took part in their auditions. No matter if they were private or state-run.

Almost every time they told me I was very talented, but they said that there was no chance to offer me a place to study acting. The state-run schools said, they only can take those who are able to do the whole repertoire, which is demanded to be performed on stage. And because of my physical handicap I wonít fit. They sent me to private schools. But those said they are too little to take care of my handicap I should try an audition at a state-run school.

Luckily I was in the right place at the right time. So after all I finally found a school which gave me the possibility to get started. You wonder why I made it. The reason is very simple. I wanted to make my dream come true.

Itís important to have dreams. They can lead you the way. But donít dream your life, live your dream.
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